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What are some signs of pregnancy discrimination?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination

In the 21st century, the workplace should be a haven of equal opportunities and fair treatment for all employees. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination remains an alarming issue that challenges this ideal.

It is important to shed light on the subtle yet pervasive ways in which pregnant women may face bias in the professional realm.

Unequal treatment

One sign of pregnancy discrimination is the unequal distribution of opportunities. Pregnant employees might notice a sudden decline in challenging projects. They may also face exclusion from meetings and decision-making processes. This unequal treatment undermines their professional growth and shows a biased perspective.

Negative changes in performance evaluations

Those in charge need to evaluate a woman’s performance based on her abilities and accomplishments. This does not include whether she is pregnant or not.

Signs of discrimination may come from sudden negative changes in performance evaluations. If a previously high-performing employee begins receiving lower ratings without valid cause, it may be an indication of bias related to pregnancy.

Poor accommodations

Employers need to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees under the law. Nevertheless, discrimination may happen when those in charge deny these accommodations. This includes refusing to adjust work schedules or offer other modifications that ensure well-being.

Hostile work environment

Pregnancy discrimination can create a hostile work environment. Colleagues or supervisors may make derogatory comments or foster a generally unsupportive atmosphere.

Unjust termination or demotion

Perhaps the most egregious sign of pregnancy discrimination is unjust termination or demotion. This includes a pregnant employee who suddenly finds herself facing termination without valid cause. Pregnant women may also get a demotion without a reasonable explanation.

With women making up 46.8% of the American workforce, employers must be vigilant in eradicating biases. This ensures that those in charge treat everyone with respect, regardless of their pregnancy status.