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Government at all levels should set the standards and examples for how to treat employees fairly. Unfortunately, government employees sometimes fall victim to the same discrimination, harassment and other employment problems as their counterparts in the private sector. These workers need the help of an experienced employment law attorney when advocating for themselves and others.

The Law Offices of Matthew G. English proudly represents employees at all levels of government, from local to federal. And while there are plenty of good employment law firms operating in the San Diego area, many do not take federal claims. I do represent federal employees and have more than a decade of experience doing so.

Cutting Through Bureaucracy To Advocate For Federal Workers

The federal government is huge, and your rights and available remedies as a government employee will depend on the agency you work for as well as your role within that agency. One reason why many employment law attorneys are reluctant to take on government employees is that federal claims are diverse, and each has its own quirks and pitfalls. I understand these challenges and can help you get through them.

Depending on your specific claim and agency, I can help you with any of the following matters:

  •  Seeking protection and legal remedies by filing a claim with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)
  • Pursuing remedies to your complaint through your agency’s internal EEO process and ensuring that you follow important rules and meet deadlines (which tend to be unreasonably short)
  • Maintaining compliance with the administrative process long enough to be eligible to file a civil lawsuit in federal court
  • Representing you in federal civil litigation related to the harm you’ve suffered (discrimination, harassment, retaliation, etc.)

One of the most surprising and frustrating aspects of pursuing employment law remedies as a federal employee is that each agency’s rules, deadlines and other procedural requirements seem designed to make it as difficult as possible for employees to successfully pursue a claim. And although each agency’s EEO entities are supposed to be independent of the agency, they often appear closely tied to agency management.

I understand all the challenges you face as a federal employee pursuing justice. And more importantly, I know how to help you overcome them.

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