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The role of your performance reviews after being unfairly fired

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Employment Law

Suddenly losing your job can be an unfortunate situation that may leave you feeling directionless and confused. If your employer unfairly fires you under circumstances that paint them as being guilty of discrimination, harassment or other legal violations, then it may be an example of wrongful termination.

The silver lining in this type of situation is that your past performance reviews may play a key role in proving that your termination was unfair or unlawful. By understanding more about the role that performance reviews can serve in employment law cases, you can take the next steps toward securing the compensation you deserve after a wrongful termination.

Performance reviews can indicate that you are a productive worker

It is common and typically acceptable for an employer to let a worker go if they consistently underperform in their role. If you have a history of positive performance reviews, however, you likely have a strong foundation to support your case that you are a valuable employee and that your termination might be due to reasons your employer is not forthcoming about.

Performance reviews may reveal discriminatory behavior

If your termination is clearly not due to performance or budget-related reasons, it might be that you are a victim of workplace discrimination. Presenting positive performance reviews after termination might support the claim that your employer is guilty of personally discriminating against you or wrongfully retaliating against you.

Losing your job despite having strong performance reviews may mean that you are a victim of wrongful termination. Your employee review record can serve as compelling evidence in your favor should you choose to file a workplace discrimination claim following your unfair termination.