Federal Employees

James M. Carter and Judith N. Keep United States Courthouse, San Diego, CA
James M. Carter and Judith N. Keep United States Courthouse, San Diego, CA

The Law Offices of Matthew G. English represents federal employees, including those who work for the Department of Homeland Security, United States Postal Service, Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies, including civilian employees of the Department of the Navy (NAVAIR, NADEP, 32nd Street, MSC – Pacific, etc.). Your rights and remedies as a federal employee are unique to your employment. In choosing a firm to represent you, you should consider a law firm who understands the quirks and pitfalls of federal claims. Call today to speak to an experienced attorney about your federal case.

Administrative Remedies

The Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) offers civil service protection from unlawful adverse employment actions, protections unavailable to non-government employees. In addition, each federal agency’s internal EEO processes allow employees who have been the victim of discrimination and harassment (based on race, age, sex, disability or national origin/ancestry) or retaliation to hold their agency accountable. Those EEO procedures (with their brutishly short deadlines) also provide a pathway to federal court.

While your federal job comes with protections and benefits not found in the private sector, your ability to access those protections is restricted by the rules and deadlines unique to each of the various federal systems. Both the EEO process and MSPB appeals permit a federal employee to pursue claims without legal representation, but each arena has its own particular set of rules, guidelines and deadlines. The rules can be confusing, and failure to comply can harm your chances of recovery.

Federal District Court

If you have ever filed an EEO complaint you may already be familiar with the EEO system’s flaws and challenges, including short deadlines and other pitfalls seemingly designed to knock you out of the system before you even have a chance for a fair hearing. Not surprisingly, agencies are not the best at objectively evaluating their own misconduct. Each agency’s internal EEO entities, despite their claims of being separate from the rest of their agency, still act and feel like an arm of management. Often times, an employee’s best chance for justice is to simply endure the administrative processes long enough to be able to file a civil lawsuit in federal district court. With few exceptions, federal statute currently allows an employee to leave the internal EEO system one hundred eighty days after filing the formal EEO complaint, whether or not the agency has issued a final decision.

For a variety of reasons, many excellent San Diego employment law firms do not handle federal claims. If you are considering legal representation for your federal claim, the Law Offices of Matthew G. English has been prosecuting such claims for well over a decade. We can provide a free initial consultation with an attorney experienced in representing federal employees through the various administrative forums, as well as in lawsuits filed in federal court.

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